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Lucy Bingley BSc, PG Dip (CABC) - Pet Behaviour Counselling


01449 736592 / 07879 493520 / lucy@petbehaviourhelp.co.uk


I am an experienced Clinical Animal Behaviourist, qualified to treat behaviour problems in dogs, cats, and other pets. I work with clients throughout Suffolk and Norfolk and into Essex and Cambridgeshire, and have a training venue in mid Suffolk.

Behaviour problems can be distressing for owners and often indicate underlying psychological distress in the affected animal. My aim as a Pet Behaviour Counsellor is to offer professional advice and assistance that improves your quality of life and that of your pet and restores the relationship between you. I carry out consultations in your home, and use all the information available to provide an accurate diagnosis of the underlying causes of the behaviour problem. I then work with you to design and implement a reward-based treatment plan which meets your needs and suits your circumstances.

To help owners and their puppies get off to the best possible start, I also run puppy socialisation classes and offer puppy one-to-one sessions (home visits). If you would like a puppy visit to help you get off to a good start with socialisation and training prior to starting classes, this can be booked directly here.

PUPPY CLASSES are held on weekday evenings (7.30-8.30pm). The next set of classes are on Tuesday evenings starting in January and can be booked here.

TRAINING WORKSHOPS AND ONE-TO-ONES. I am running some group workshops to focus on recall training, and a clicker training workshop. Spaces on workshops can be booked here. Alternatively I offer one-to-one sessions at my outdoor venue (home visits also available) - these sessions can be completely tailored to your goals. Short training sessions or group classes are not suitable for dogs who display fearful, aggressive or vocal behaviour towards dogs or people - for these issues a behaviour consultation is the most appropriate and effective approach.

"TEENAGER CLASSES" are aimed at young dogs aged 6-18 months (although we can be flexible and also accept older dogs whose owners want to build on training among distractions). See dates and availability and book a space here. If you have a young dog who you think would benefit from training classes but you didn't come to puppy class, please contact me to arrange a one-to-one session first (so we can ensure that a class environment is right for them).

If you're not sure which approach is most suitable for your dog, or you would like more information, please contact me for a chat. 








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