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Dog Training and Puppy Classes

Puppy Classes

Puppies are inquisitive and rapidly learn about the world around them, and how to interact appropriately with the people and animals they live with. Encountering a wide and diverse range of objects and events at a young age encourages puppies to become confident dogs, while a lack of exposure to people, other dogs and the wider world can lead to behaviour problems such as anxiety, destructive behaviour, phobia and aggression later in the dog's life.

Prevention of behaviour problems is always better than cure. My puppy socialisation classes provide the opportunity for puppies to meet other dogs and encounter a variety of everyday objects in a safe environment, and through play and positive reinforcement form pleasant associations. The socialisation process should start as early as possible, as pups are most sensitive to learning before they are just 16 weeks old! Click here for information about socialisation.

I introduce some basic training exercises, including "sit", "down", "heel", "fetch", "settle", introduction to the lead and a recall, as well as advice on housetraining and common problems such as chewing, play biting and jumping up. This helps to get owners off to the best possible start with their puppy. All training is based on positive reinforcement (reward) methods.

Courses for puppies aged up to 6 months are held near Stowmarket in Suffolk and cost just 50 for six classes of an hour each. The first session is for owners to come along without their puppies and covers the essentials: principles of socialisation, learning theory and leadership, with lots of opportunity for questions and discussion of specific issues. Over the next five weeks the focus will be on puppy interactions and practical training.

There is no substitute for active positive socialisation, and this is a large part of the curriculum at my puppy classes, where demonstration and interaction are the main features of the puppy sessions. As adequate socialisation is essential for preventing fear and aggression problems later in life, do try to take your puppy to a good class at the earliest opportunity.

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Puppy classes are held in Onehouse near Stowmarket on weekday evenings at 7.30-8.30pm, run for six weeks and cost just 50.

Tuesday evening classes in January-February are now fully booked, but I'm taking bookings for an extra set of puppy classes on Wednesday evenings starting on 28th February 2018. Spaces are limited to six puppies in each class so please contact me as soon as possible to book your place.

Puppy one-to-one sessions

I offer home visits for families with new puppies to give advice on specific or general issues, prior to beginning puppy class. During this 90 minute home visit I cover basic training and discuss the common issues with puppy behaviour. The fee for this is 40 plus travel expenses.

This session is ideal for owners who can't start puppy class before their pup is 15 weeks old, or who are having particular problems with a puppy's behaviour, or just want some general advice and guidance about their pup's behaviour.





Obedience Training

Obedience training for older puppies and adult dogs is available. Sessions are tailored to the owners' goals and usually include the following:

  • basic training exercises as required ("sit", "down", introduction to the lead and "heel", and a recall)

  • lead-work

  • extended "down"

  • "stay"

  • tricks

  • clicker training

  • retrieving

Please note that during these sessions I work with you and provide assistance and demonstrations, but you actually do the training. Working together during training improves the dog-owner relationship and helps you to understand your dog's behaviour.

This training is available on a one-to-one basis. These individual sessions can be absolutely tailored to cover the training that you want to complete with your dog, and have the additional advantage of avoiding the distraction that other dogs may cause.

If you have concerns about taking your dog to training classes with other dogs, individual sessions will be more appropriate for you.

 Individual training sessions last an hour and cost 30 plus travel expenses.

Before we begin we'll discuss what you hope to achieve, and decide how many sessions are likely to be needed; the number can be adjusted according to the progress you and your dog make!

All the family members can take part, and these sessions can take place at your home if you have outdoor space, or at my premises near Stowmarket.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Remedial Training

In a few cases of behaviour problems it might be possible to resolve the behaviour through straightforward training, without the need for a full behavioural consultation.

If you are unsure whether your pet's behaviour problem has a psychological cause or is more a training issue, please phone me for a free no-obligation discussion so that you can decide how best to proceed.


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