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Pet Behaviour Consultations

What happens during the consultation?

Before making an appointment please visit your vet so that any medical causes of the behaviour problem can be ruled out. Ask your vet to complete my referral form (which can be downloaded here).

Please contact me to make an appointment. I'll need some background information about your pet and the behavioural problem before I visit, and we will discuss this briefly on the phone.

The behavioural consultation takes place in your home, with as many members of your household as can attend. This is so that I can obtain the fullest possible picture of the problem and see the pet in its normal surroundings.

The first behavioural consultation lasts around 21/2 hours. I'll take a complete history of the pet and the problem, make a diagnosis and talk you through the treatment plan, demonstrating methods where necessary.

Following the consultation I'll provide a written report to you (and send a copy to your vet), summarising our discussions and confirming the step-by-step treatment programme.

Please don't expect a quick fix! Behaviour problems are complex and it is essential to address the underlying emotional issues, rather than merely treating the symptoms, otherwise the pet is likely to exhibit more problems in the future. While I will leave you with some starting points at the end of the first consultation, and there may be improvements in some areas fairly quickly, be prepared for the full treatment plan to take weeks or even months to complete.

In most cases your fee will include a follow-up visit. We will arrange this several weeks after the first session, at a suitable point in your behaviour programme. In this session we will review your pet's progress, and if appropriate I'll help you get started on the next stages of your behaviour programme. Follow-up sessions last approximately one hour. Additional sessions can be arranged at any point if you feel they would be helpful, and are subject to an hourly fee and travel expenses.

I encourage you to keep in regular contact so that we can monitor your progress and make adaptations to the plan as needed, in a timely manner. Outcomes are greatly improved when clients provide regular updates. Your fee includes ongoing support via telephone or email support for up to six months after initial consultation.






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How much does Behaviour Counselling cost?

Please contact me for a quote for a Behaviour Consultation.

The quoted fee includes:

  • the consultation (a home visit lasting 2-3 hours)

  • demonstration of handling, management and training techniques

  • the written report

  • a follow-up visit, if agreed at time of quotation (additional visits are subject to an additional charge)

  • follow-up telephone / email support for 6 months

Can I phone or email for advice?

I don't offer any advice for dog behaviour problems (except emergency Health and Safety advice) over the telephone, as I don't believe it is safe or professional to attempt to make a diagnosis without seeing the dog, or to offer a treatment plan without a full discussion with owners, and demonstration of techniques.

In some cases I may be able to offer advice over the telephone for behaviour problems in cats, rabbits and other pets. If I think it's likely that I will need to see the pet I'll let you know early in the conversation.

For telephone consultations I charge 30 for up to one hour, 10 per hour thereafter.

I don't carry out email consultations as it isn't possible to gain a full picture of the problem without speaking to the owner.

Of course you can email or phone me at no cost for a chat about your pet's behaviour and to arrange a full consultation.

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