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Testimonials from clients who have booked live online behaviour consultations

"During these challenging times, we have found that our transition to online consultations with Lucy are working exceptionally well.  We were a little dubious at first, as to how they would work out, especially as we needed Lucy to see the behaviour of Ayda, our 18 month old Vizsla. However, working closely together, via Skype video calls and also by providing supporting videos clips for assessment, our sessions have proven to be enormously successful. In addition to this, we also receive regular informative reports and guidance as we progress.

Lucy is extremely professional and we are already seeing improvements in Ayda’s behaviour as a result of the service provided.

We can’t thank you enough for all that you have done to date and we look forward to our future online sessions.

Highly recommended" – Dave and Jeannie.



"I contacted Lucy for help with my rescue dog, the recent lockdown due to COVID-19 seemed to have exacerbated her bad and unpredictable behaviour and I was at breaking point. I was initially dubious about a video consultation as I thought it would be better if Lucy was actually in the house to witness the behaviour. BUT, the video consultation actually worked out better for me as I was worried R wouldn’t do the problem behaviour with someone new in the house and that she would be more interested in meeting Lucy. 

Whilst on the consultation Lucy actually witnessed quite a lot of the troubling behaviour along with the videos I had previously sent showing the issues I was dealing with. We spoke for over two and a half hours and went through EVERYTHING I was concerned about. Lucy was very professional and easy to talk to.

I’ve had so much support and have messaged Lucy almost daily with updates on progress and problems. 

I would HIGHLY recommend a video consultation as Lucy will get to see the dog in its home environment without a stranger in the house. I’m looking forward to our next appointment" – J.


"We could not recommend Lucy enough! Due to the lockdown restrictions, we have been working with Lucy remotely, using Skype, Whatsapp and video & it has been beyond worthwhile. Our dog's problem behaviours had been worsening for some time but during lockdown, this behaviour was somewhat exacerbated & we knew we needed a professional to give us some tools to work on, so hopefully our dog would feel calmer in general & better prepared for a potentially stressful house move. We really wish we had contacted her sooner!! We have learnt a huge amount and now have a MUCH better understanding of our dog, Dora.
Lucy used videos of Dora's problem behaviour in action to inform our first session & worked with us to build a timeline of events that might have led to Dora's behaviour. This was an incredibly rich & detailed session and was followed by a report & recommendations to reflect this by email later on.
We learnt an immeasurable amount about our dog in this one session, and it being via Skype made no difference.
Lucy was able to make recommendations for training based on our individual concerns, and could demonstrate with her dog on camera and observe us practising with Dora.
What has been really brilliant is Lucy's continued support through our house move. She has cut through a sea of conflicting advice & myths online with sensible, animal-friendly guidance that is in line with how we wish to care for our dog, and specific to our individual situation. Lucy's advice has been a real source of reassurance for us & has proved to be practical to implement in our everyday lives.
We wanted to understand our dog better so that we could address difficult behaviour in a way that would be fun for her, positive and easy to understand.

We wanted to learn effective tools that we could use ourselves & work on over time, in our home & outdoors to improve our time together on walks & at home.

We wanted to know how to support our dog through a very long & stressful house move, whilst maintaining her training & keeping her calm and happy.

This is exactly what we got! We would absolutely, 100% recommend working with Lucy. It has already made a such positive impact on our life with our dog and we are all happier and more confident as a result!" - Jessica & Mike.



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