A note about my policy on aggression cases in dogs...

Where there is potential risk to owners, family members, members of the public or other animals,  I will advise you of your legal obligations and make Health and Safety recommendations before beginning any behavioural modification.

I will not attempt to influence the course of action you decide upon, be it behavioural modification, management, re-homing or putting your dog to sleep, but I will objectively discuss your options with you, and help you to realistically assess the risk of an attack occurring and its potential severity and weigh this risk against the likelihood of a positive response to treatment in your dog's case.

Where prognosis of a positive result is poor, it may be possible, depending on your circumstances, to manage the situation safely. I will discuss this option with you so that you can make an informed decision.

Everybody's circumstances are different, and only you can decide on the right course of action for you, your dog and your family. Whatever your decision I will treat it with respect and confidentiality.




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