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Dog Training and Workshops





Individual Training

In addition to classes for young dogs, I offer training sessions for dogs of all ages, on a one-to-one basis. These individual sessions can be absolutely tailored to cover the training that you want to complete with your dog, and have the additional advantage of avoiding the distraction that other dogs may cause. If you have concerns about taking your dog to training classes with other dogs, individual sessions will be more appropriate for you.

Sessions take place in my secure field near Stowmarket (or I can travel to you - additional costs will apply). Training can include the following:

  • basic training exercises as required ("sit", "down", introduction to the lead and "heel", and a recall)

  • lead-work

  • extended "down"

  • "stay"

  • tricks

  • clicker training

  • retrieving

During these sessions I work with you and provide assistance and demonstrations, but you actually do the training. Working together during training improves the dog-owner relationship and helps you to understand your dog's behaviour.

Before we begin we'll discuss what you hope to achieve, and decide how many sessions are likely to be needed; the number can be adjusted according to the progress you and your dog make!

Individual training sessions at my premises last an hour and cost 30.

 Book a training session  

Please contact me if you would like to discuss your requirements before booking, or if you require a training session at your home.

In some cases, unwanted behaviour can be resolved through training, without the need for a full behavioural consultation.

However, short training sessions or group classes are not suitable for dogs who display fearful, aggressive or vocal behaviour towards dogs or people - for these issues a behaviour consultation is the most appropriate and effective approach.

If you are unsure whether your dog's behaviour is a training or a more complex behavioural issue, please contact me to discuss this.




Dog Training Workshops



Book RECALL Workshop

This 90 minute workshop aims to address issues with recall, using your dog's favourite rewards.

We will cover the theory and practice of using reward-based training to achieve a reliable recall.

We use games to develop your skills as a handler among some everyday distractions.

This workshop is for dogs of any age, at any level of experience.

Lead work

Book LEADWORK Workshop  

This 90 minute workshop aims to address the very common issue of pulling on the lead.

We will use reward-based methods to encourage your dog to walk on a loose lead, and to walk beside you both on and off the lead.

We will practise calm approaches to people, dogs and other temptations.

This workshop is open to dogs of any age, at any level of experience.


Clicker Games

  Book CLICKER GAMES Workshop

This 90 minute workshop introduces you to this fun training method and develops your dog's cognitive skills! We will cover:

  • How Clicker Training works; when and why we might use a clicker

  • Applying Clicker Training to problem behaviour, and creating brain games

  • In-session challenges to train a new behaviour from scratch.

This workshop is open to dogs of any age, no experience needed.

Watch this space for the 2019 sessions!

25 per dog/handler team.

Book RECALL 1 Workshop


Watch this space for the 2019 sessions!

25 per dog/handler team.

Book LEADWORK Workshop  


Watch this space for the 2019 sessions!

25 per dog/handler team.

  Book CLICKER GAMES Workshop


General information about workshops:

These are outdoor sessions, which take place at my premises near Stowmarket.

Sessions are restricted to six dogs, to allow individual time and attention to each dog/handler teams.

If your dog is likely to be uncomfortable with other dogs or people please let me know so that we can accommodate your needs.

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